Helping creators monetising and experts get more exposure on social media


⬆️(how we helped an online coach increase his IG follower count from 7k to over 93k followers, sell 100's of coachings and physical/digital products IN LESS than a year

❌without paid ads
❌without compromising his value
❌without unnecessary content equipment.

Become the most aware solution in your prospect ideal transformation 1️⃣

WHO AM I tho ?

My name is Max coming from a hood in Belgium, no rich parents, no nothing (to make it short)I'm running my ecom agency since 2019 (still today that I'm writing dis)
In 2020, moved to London as i had put on my vision board.
Now currently writing this from a beach in Greece where I live. (I know)while serving my ecom brands clients(and retaining them for a long period of time😉), i ended up delivering over 350h of consulting in the last 4 years in many industries.(lot of work)All this leveraging my personal brand on Instagram.

Having some coach friends, i helped some of them use Instagram for their businesses and then slowly build on other platforms.Also helping create better products and services for their audience thanks to my knowledge of post-purchase customer behaviour in e-commerce.We took coaches accounts with over 100k+ followers using our omni-channel strategy.


After launching 1000's of paid social ads, consulting companies willing to use social media to scale, i created a frameworkNot based on the platformsBut neuropsychology and algorithmic thinking.Which is the key to generate attention🔑 (💰)

Here is our roadmap

There are stages that occur between the moment your prospects recognize their problem and the moment they discover your offer.
Here's a breakdown of those stages for you ⬇️

Psychologic understanding of your proespect needs

Help your prospect bridge the gap faster in their transformation by leveraging psychology within your content.🧠

Clear direction of how to use social media for your business

We dived right into the secrets of social media algorithms, mastering our optimization strategies to ensure we not only reach but captivate our target audience. 📱

done-for-you content ideas & SYSTEMS INSTALLATION

Once we've explain you how to use the engine for yout offer, we will provide enough content ideas to captivate audiences leveraging yourself across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.🚀


I'm telling you already, you will see many trying to copy our offer, but they ain't us, trust me.(Was teasing that offer on IG back in feb 2023 to make a beta launch, quickly they were using the same bio's lol)i may be Belgian but I guaranteeain't selling waffles bro.🧇

founded by lysis agency💜